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Council Members

Jim Thorpe Pa Council Members for 2010

  • John McGuire - President -
    Justin Yaich - Vice President -
    Joseph Marzen
    Todd Mason
    Kyle Sheckler
    Joanne Klitsch
    Greg Stubinger

    Borough Secy.
    Louise McCafferty

    Borough Solicitor
    James Nanovic

    Mike Sofranko

Click HERE for a full list of Committee members as of 1/10/2010

Conflicts of Interest

"Borough councillors should be very careful to avoid the possibility of conflict between their personal and private interests and their role as a public officer. The Ethics Act states the people have a right to be assured thefinancial interests of public officers do not conflict with the public trust."

"In any issue brought before council where an individual member has a conflict of interest, or there is an appearance of a conflict of interest, that councillor should refrain from voting on the issue. Pennsylvania courts have long upheld as a fundamental public policy principle the rule that members of a governmental body cannot vote on any matter where they have a direct personal interest."

From: "Borough Council Handbook" pg 10

Governor’s Center for Local Government Services

Qualifications to Serve on Council

The basic qualification to serve as a borough councillor is to be a registered voter and resident of the borough. Councillors must have resided in the borough continuously for at least one year before their election. To continue serving as a councillor, an individual must retain residence within the borough. To qualify as a voter,person must be eighteen years of age and a resident of the election district. A person whose name appears on the district voting register but who is no longer a resident of the borough is not a lawfully registered elector.

Legal residence includes not only a person’s intention, but also a physical presence. The requirement of residence approximates domicile. Intention or voter registration is not enough; the actuality of an individual’s residence is better determined by conduct than by words. A person cannot declare a domicile inconsistent with the facts of where one actually lives. Where the borough has been redistricted all councillors serve the remainder of their terms.

Incompatible Offices. Code does not prohibit a councillor from holding other borough appointive offices, but it does stipulate a councillor may not receive compensation for discharging the duties of any appointed office.Code does prohibit from also serving as borough treasurer, secretary or manager. Councillors cannot also serve as a member of a School Board or Zoning Board. Borough councillors may not hold any other elective borough office.

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Home > Local Government > Borough Council > Members
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Hidden Treasures in the Jim Thorpe Area

Carbon County Environmental Center

Great trails for hiking and bird watching. Environmental activities at the center. Outside picnic area. Located two miles past Mauch Chunk Lake Park on the left.

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Switchback Trail from Jim Thorpe to Mauch Chunk Lake

Wonderful biking and hiking trail from downtown Jim thorpe. Pick up the trail at the top of Hill Rd behind the Opera House. Follow it for 3.5 miles to the lake. Coast all the way back on the 4% grade. Outside picnic areas at the Lake.

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