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Planning Commission and Municipal Authority

Reasons for a Planning Commission

Planning for where one lives is a visionary task. The greatest responsibility is to lead their residents in developing a view of their future. Local planning commissions are usually established for one basic reason: to guide land use and development at the municipal level.

There are two chief ways that a planning commission can guide land use and development in accordance with their community’s wishes. First, the planning commission has the responsibility of implementing those wishes though the development and implementation of a comprehensive plan and, second, through the reviews of proposals for new developments and public projects in their municipality.

According to Pa. law, the Planning Commission MUST submit a recap of it's yearly activities to Borough Council no later than March 1st of each year

Issues currently in front of JT Planning Commission

  • Completion of the County Comprehensive Plan
  • Review of Current Zoning lines
  • On going


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Home > Local Government > Planning Commission
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